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L’Ecole des Jeunes Orateurs : our association in a few words

L’École des Jeunes Orateurs is a student organization created in 2009 by students from Sciences Po Strasbourg, with the support of their former director Mr. Gabriel ECKERT, and from Mr. Vlad CONSTANTINESCO, a Professor of Public Law and our Honorary President.

The association is sponsored by Me. Pascal Créhange, attorney and Pleadings Professor at the Regional Law School for Attorneys in Strasbourg.

We train students to provide them with the basics for an effective public speaking, while promoting the oratory art in both its aesthetic and its argumentive features.

The structure of the association and the 2016-2017 team :

The association is renewed every year and is composed of students from Sciences Po Strasbourg.

The current team is the following :

President : Valentine DE MUIZON

Vice-president and public relations manager : Pierre-Marie OLIVIE

Vice president in charge of the debate workshops : Alexis JOUAN

European Debate Prize Manager: Théo HUDELIST

Communciation Manager: Mathilde HEITZ

Treasurer : Alice VAGNIEZ

European Debate Prize and debate workshops Adjoint Manager: Raphaël COMTE

List of the EJO Presidents 

Valentine De Muizon | 2016-2017

Gaël Jeanson | 2015-2016

Pauline Moulonguet | 2014-2015

Théophile Megali | 2013-2014

Olric Izarn | 2012-2013

Tristan Lataste | 2011-2012

Clément Kolopp | 2010-2011

Tristan Lataste, founder | 2009-2010